Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q1. What are the system requirements for completing and submitting this form?

Ans: You only need to use Internet browsers commonly installed on desktop computers and mobile devices to complete and submit this electronic form.

Q2. Why does this service refuse to accept certain Chinese characters that I have inputted using Microsoft Windows?

Ans: Users should check the Chinese input settings of their computer system. For example in Microsoft Windows, users should switch on "Include HKSCS characters" and "Include CJK Unified Ideographs Extensions".

Q3. What should I do if I have enquiries about the form that I have submitted?

Ans: After you have successfully submitted the form, an acknowledgement with submission date / time and transaction reference number will be displayed on your screen. For any enquiries about the application, please contact the corresponding estate management office by quoting the transaction reference number for follow up.

Q4. What if I encounter the problem of system failure with message “Server error” or “Server busy, please try again later” displayed?

Ans: If you encounter a system failure, for example, the message "Server error" or “Server busy, please try again later” appears on the screen, there might be a lot of applicants using the online application service at the same time; you can try again later or during off-peak hours (before 9 p.m. or after midnight). If there are other equipment and operational problems, please consider using the online application service on other devices.

Q5. What if any validation message appears after filling in the information and cannot continue the application?

Ans: The system will initially check the information filled by the applicant during the application process and display validation message if necessary. Applicants can follow the message to provide or correct the information in order to continue and submit the application.

Q6. How can I know if I have successfully submitted the application online?

Ans: For applications who have filled in email address, they will receive an acknowledgment email with application number normally within one day after successful submission. For applicants who are living in the HA's public rental housing estates, the staff in their estate office/district tenancy management office/rental estate office will mail them their application number upon receipt of their application. Also, applicants can use the online enquiry service for enquiring their application status.

Q7. Why I cannot receive the acknowledgement email with application number?

Ans: The acknowledgement email with application number would normally be sent within one day after successful submission, you can check your email mailbox again later and also check your Spam or Bulk email folder. If you cannot receive the email after two day or request to update your email address, please contact staff of estate management office.

Q8. What if I encounter the problem of system failure with message “Browser not Supported” displayed?

Ans: You should update your browser to the latest version. If you encounter any other equipment or operational problems, please consider using the online application service on alternative devices.

Q9. What should I do If the required upload documents more than 1 file?

Ans: You can upload the first part of your file in the designated section, and for the additional file, you should upload it in the "Other" section. Remember to include remarks to clearly indicate the section in the file name from which the second file originates.

Q10. If I closed the browser after submitting the applications before reaching the successful page, may I know if the applications had submitted successfully?

Ans: We are no guarantee that your applications had submitted successufully. You may enquiry back the application status in Status Enquiry Page. If still cannot find, Please create a new application again.

Q11. Why is the 'Hong Kong Identity Card Number' or 'Name' field empty or 'The digital signature process has not been completed yet'?

Ans: Due to an improper operation, the transaction status cannot be displayed. This may occur if you have opened this application in multiple browser/tab windows simultaneously. We recommend opening the application in a single browser/tab window.

Application Questions

Q12. Can I apply for two monthly parking spaces of the concerned estate / court to park my two vehicles?

Ans: Yes. For the sake of fairness, one tenancy should only be accorded priority for one application. The second application of the same tenancy will only be handled after applications of the first three priorities have been entertained and so on. Therefore, you have to submit two application forms and specify which vehicle is accorded the priority.

Q13. Can the occupant of a Home Ownership Scheme / Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Pilot Scheme / Tenants Purchase Scheme flat with premium paid apply for the monthly parking space of the concerned court / estate?

Ans: Yes. The occupant has to provide the owner’s authorization and a copy of documentary proof of the property ownership, e.g. update land search record when he / she submits the application form. In the case of a recent transaction when the transfer of ownership has not yet been registered, the occupant can provide a letter from solicitor confirming the ownership or other relevant documents as appropriate.

Q14. Can the occupant provide other documentary proof if he / she cannot provide the owner's authorization?

Ans: Yes. If the occupant is unable to submit the owner's authorization letter due to one reason or another, the occupant can provide other appropriate supporting document such as tenancy agreement or address proof etc.

Q15. Am I required to approach estate management office to sign the print-out of e-application form after e-submission of application for monthly parking space?

Ans: No.

Q16. Can I amend the application information or provide supplementary information after submission of e-application form and relevant documents?

Ans: If you have to amend the application information or provide supplementary information, please contact staff of estate management office for arrangement.